Go Local Wednesday – Lazy Moon

Pizza!  I might have a slight addiction to great pizza.  A few weeks ago a team in our office was snacking on the BIGGEST pizza I’d ever seen.  I sincerely wondered how they got it in their car.  It smelled so good, I had to ask where they had gotten it.  They directed me to Lazy Moon, which opened directly across the street from our office.  The next day, I marched myself over to try it for myself.  I wasn’t disappointed!  I had the “Good Life,” which is a pair of your choice of salad, soup or a slice.  I chose the Greek Salad and a slice of pepperoni pizza.  It was so good!  The salad was fresh and had all the flavors I wanted.  The pizza, was amazing!  The crust was perfect; nice and thin and crispy.  The sauce was exactly what a pizza sauce should be.  To say I was thoroughly impressed is an understatement.  I honestly can’t wait to go back.  I just need to find a diet that will let me eat Lazy Moon Pizza every day!  I hope you’ll try it soon.  I know you’ll love it as much as I did!

Image Credit: OrlandoWeekly.com


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