Go Local Wednesday-Blue Bird Bake Shop

Located in the Audubon Park Garden District of Orlando on Corrine Drive  Blue Bird Bake Shop is the spot to visit when your sweet tooth decides to kick in. With specialties in  made from scratch cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and scones you’re bound to find your go to sweet.

blue bird
Pictured left: Sweet Cake, Pictured right: Tuxedo

Our buyer consultant Reanna recommended I try this mouth watering goodness and I can’t believe I just set the new world record in eating a cupcake… less than .00001 seconds. crazy.

I had the sweet cake cupcake (pictured below) which by flavor profile consists of gold and magic but in actuality it’s  a vanilla cupcake with white chocolate chips, that surprise you at first bite, topped with vanilla buttercream icing and sprinkled with white nonpareils.


Having the title of “Award-winning cupcakes, coffee, and more bakery in Orlando, Florida” Blue Bird Bake Shop was a new find that I will definitely be sharing to the world at every moment possible. What’s your favorite sweet?

Source: Self indulgence and BlueBirdBakeShop.com – Voted Best Cupcakes in Orlando, Florida – Orlando Bakery and Coffee Shop


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