Go Local Wednesday- Lake Eola Farmers Market

Located in the heart of Orlando Lake Eola is an incredible have for this City Beautiful. With many events that go on surrounding the lake, one event that I’d like to shine light on would be the Farmer’s Market that is held on the Eastern part of the lake.


The Lake Eola Farmers’ Market has more than just your locally grown produce and plants. Held every Sunday (weather permitting of course) from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm you and your friends/family have plenty of time to explore the dozens of shops set-up.

I just recently took a visit with my family and my mother was IN LOVE with every table we walked past. Like a child in a candy store my mother insisted to touch everything and speak to every person behind a stand. Truthfully it was very enjoyable to hear the history of what is made by our local artists.

We spent 15 minutes speaking with a gentleman that made jewelry out of recycled glass. did you know that one pendant took nearly 3 weeks, day in and day out, in a rock tumbler to give the pendant its smooth curved edges? One pendant!

From artist paintings and handcrafted jewelry to live music in the center of the market this market offers a great time and so much more!

Go check it out this Sunday, my recommendation… go on an empty stomach because there’s at least 25 stands with mouth-watering goodness that is made by Orlando’s local chefs. (Another recommendation… get the char grilled corn on the cob, I’ll see you in line!)



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