Who Says There’s Nothing to Do in Orlando? – Volcano Bay

With plans being created in the summer of 2015 we can finally announce the opening of a new theme park attraction in the Orlando area.

Universals water park Volcano Bay has officially opened it’s gates!


Located at 6000 Universal Blvd this park cannot be missed when driving on Interstate 4. Replacing Universals previous claimed park ‘Wet n’ Wild’, Volcano Bay is proclaimed as the first constructed by Universal Orlando itself.

The park consists of a 15+ exhilarating rides spread throughout 4 themed areas.. Wave Village, River Village, Rainforest Village, and “Krakatau” which is the very very large Volcano that you may be able to see.


I don’t think I will be making the grand opening weekend but I will be sure to come back with photos and updates on what rides are a must and what rides can wait for the second time around if the line is just to long the first.

Have a great Memorial Weekend my friends! As always I am always open to conversation and ideas!



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