Who says There’s Nothing to Do in Orlando?- The Great Escape Room Orlando

The Great Escape Room located at 23 1/2 South Magnolia Ave. in the heart of downtown, Orlando is a great place to round up some friends and put your thinking caps on.

This location is the first of it’s chain and according to tripadvisor.com it is proven to be a favorite around town.

With three story plots/rooms to choose from your group is given a story to solve and the head gamer starts you off with one hint (if they’re nice)  and then the door is shut and locked behind them.

It is now your teams mission to find riddles and clues throughout the room and put your minds together to get out before the clock ticks 00:00 and the world comes to an end! (at least for one of the rooms that’s how the story goes).

As easy as that may sound some rooms have less than a 20% escape rate, the easiest claiming to have a 35% escape rate, Let’s be honest…. I thought I had the wittiest mind alive and I heroically failed at escaping my room.

So choose your team wisely and take on this challenge, no matter how far in the room you get it’s always an accomplished feeling when you’re leaving with great company!

I’d love to hear how some adventures went! Feel free to share with us and as always I am open to ideas on what to do in Orlando. Until next time on Who says There’s Nothing to do in Orlando!


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