Monday Market Report – 3 Tips to Sell Your House NOW

3 tips to sell now

We are entering the summer months and in the real estate industry that means moving season.  It only makes sense that most people choose to move during the summer while the kids are out of school or they have vacation and long weekends.

To take advantage of the group of MOTIVATED buyers who want to be in a new home in Downtown Orlando by the end of August you need to get your home on the market ASAP.  Here are the top three tips to getting your home sold while the selling season is hot.

  • List in June
    • If you put your home on the market before the end of June you will have enough time to procure one of the buyers who need to move for the school season which starts back up on August 14th (Orange County, FL schools).
  • Take one week to prepare the home for sale
    • Staging your home can go a long way in ensuring your home is selected over the competition.  I prepare a staging plan for all occupied homes to help you identify what to repair and what to pack and move out of the house to make sure it appeals to the mass market.  Making sure it shows the best from day one will ensure serious buyers don’t hesitate over a minor fix.
  • Price it Right!
    • You may be tempted to list a little higher than the comparable sales suggest.  It is only natural to want to earn the most money possible.  Many sellers want to price a little high and negotiate down because the Downtown Orlando real estate market is so hot.  And the fact is that you actually earn more money in a seller’s market if you price close to market value.  Keep your price to within 5% of our suggested value to ensure you sell to the motivated buyers over the summer.

Ready to sell?  Call me today at 407-494-2820 or contact us to learn more.


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