Who Says There’s Nothing to Do in Orlando? -Juice Orlando Bike Share

Have you ever seen those orange bikes all over Orlando and wondered if all these people just happened to buy their bike from the same supplier?


Maybe you haven’t but I did question why I was constantly seeing the same colored bikes and then I encountered a rack of the same orange bikes at Lake Eola. Turns out it was a bike share program called “Juice”. BRILLIANT!


Juice is a program in Central Orlando that consists of CycleHop and Social Bicycles that allows for individuals over the age of 18 to reserve, rent, ride, and return.

Outlining a very large perimeter of Downtown Orlando and neighboring communities (approx 185 miles worth of bike lanes); Juice allows you to ride from one side of town to the other side and provides bike hub stations where you can lock up and continue on with your day.


Giving a boost to how we commute within our City Beautiful, Juice promotes health and gets us out there to really explore the streets of Orlando and all the beautiful historic homes within without having to store a bike! (Great for those that don’t necessarily have the storage needed.)



You can download the app “Social Bicycles” and there you have access to a map of Orlando that shows you where and how many bikes are locked up at one of the 25 Hub stations they currently have to offer! Within the app you also have a GPS tracker thatdevices will track your distance and keep your routes stored within so you can always go back and see what parts of Orlando you have yet to explore!

With membership options to pay as you ride (8$ an hour), $15 a month for a free hour per day or for students yearly at $60 for a free hour per day; There’s options for those cute date nights (hint hint), Solo cruises down the cobble brick roads of Delaney Park, or just wanting to get some daily exercise in.

Get out there and get riding! If you post a video of you on a share bike and tag #ThoseOrangeBikes I won’t give you anything (yet) but it’ll let me know someone’s reading this far into my blog posts and it’ll get your friends in the know of their existence!


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