Go Local Wednesday- 4 Rivers Smokehouse

Author Kayla, Executive Administrative Assistant: All these years in Orlando (and Florida in general) I have not privileged myself to experience the craze of 4 Rivers Smokehouse…until today.


4 Rivers is “redefining the art of smoking, one brisket at a time“. Originating in our own backyard of Winter Park, FL in 09`. Franchise owner and chef John Rivers has since set up shop across the central and northern parts of Florida with locations in Tampa, Gainesville, Jacksonville and Tallahassee. (newest location just broke ground in Atlanta this year!)

Specializing in Texas-style smoked beef brisket, John created a menu that can cater to any southern smokehouse food enthusiasts. With meat being what comes to front Rubs.jpg of mind in a BBQ smokehouse (at least for me) 4 Rivers biggest highlight isn’t just their mouth watering brisket but the signature sauces and rubs that they craft in house, all of which can be ordered and given as the best gift a BBQ-er could ever receive!!

I went ahead and devoured a brisket sandwich with my sides of mac & cheese and the sweet potato casserole and all I have to say is…. who’s taking lunch with me next? because I know the best smokehouse just around the block!






p.s they cater too!



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