Who Says There’s Nothing to Do in Orlando?- King’s Landing

Author Kayla Boundy, Executive Administrative Assistant;

Just a 25 minute drive north of the heart of Orlando is Wekiva Springs, a few months back I made a blog post of what Wekiva Springs had to offer and one of the activities of mention was the 8 mile trail down the springs.

Well I woke myself and my best friend up early in the morning just before 5am to make our way up to Wekiva’s King’s Landing to start our day. We arrived no surprise as the first travelers and rented ourselves two individual kayaks. (40$)

Starting our 8.5 mile journey down the springs we began by coasting through the most scenic open waters as the sun rose and well… we did nothing but stare in silence.

4 baby gators, a dozen turtles, and numerous sights of additional Florida wildlife later we made it to the end of the trail.

A sore upper arm workout at it’s worst this trip took us 4 and a half hours with about 6 pit stops and is definitely a trip I would make again. For those of you skeptical because “Who wants to coast through Florida swamps and get eaten by gators” the waters were clear enough to see the fish lying on the bottom of the spring and the sights are a different kind of beau


Here are some photos of my adventure!



Do you love where you live?   #heartorlandohome Image result for Red heart


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