Go Local Wednesday- Metro Espresso Pizza Cafe

Author EA Kayla. 

Who doesn’t like a slice of pizza after their evening run around Lake Eola? I love love love the fact Metro Espresso Pizza Cafe is walking distance to the Lake.


The location is great but the pizza is even better, I was never one to like too much sauce on my pizza (que the boo’s) but at Metro they heard my dislikes and after a few visits I can order my double slice of pepperoni pizza and they always respond with “extra light sauce right?” …..THAT’S SOMETHING TO CALL THE PRESS FOR they remembered me. 

location…check, Pizza…check, Service…check check. 

Their menu offers far more than just pizza and being so close to downtown and in prime location for the residents that live in the high rises it would only make sense that they offer beer and wine as well! This local pizza shop is my go to.

Go Local friends and email me recommendations on local shops, hot breakfast/lunch/dinner spots, or to just say hello at Admin@thinklivebe.com

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Photo Cred: TripAdvisor.com

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