Go Local Wednesday- Juice Bar

Located in the Milk District of Downtown Orlando off of South St just between Bumby and primrose is a little place called The Juice Bar.


A local establishment founded by Susan Buttery in 2012, The Juice Bar is an all natural wellness bar that consists of fresh cold-pressed juices that are concocted to create a mixture of benefits for your health. 

I wouldn’t say this is a place just for those wanting a great cleanse; it’s also a place that has delicious fresh juices for those that enjoy local establishments that use the most of their produce. 

I recently made a visit to the Juice Bar out of interest of what they had to offer and immediately felt 10 x healthier (kidding) but really I was instantly greeted and welcomed into the bar by very knowledgeable employees and that alone made me feel even more interested to what juices they had.second.png

I went ahead and ordered Beetle Juice, one because I love the movie and two the combination of Carrots, Apples, Celery, Ginger, Mint, and Beets intrigued me. The drink was sweet and carried extra benefits for energy, detox, digestion and skin.

They also provide a cleansing program that offers day to day guidance on how to successfully cleanse your body. For those who may be sickish continuously without idea as to why, a cleanse may be beneficial to clear your body and allow for you to slowly target what foods are triggering the sickish feeling.

You may be surprised to see what it may be, I know I was! 

If you haven’t been before check it out and let me know what Juice is your favorite!


photo sourced through juicebarorlando.com

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