Go Local Wednesday- Tako Cheena

With two locations in the Central Florida region, I love to take a walk from the big tree park in Park Lake Highland for a bite to eat in the Mills50 area.

My partner was the first to introduce me back in 2014 and every time I hear a friend comment “I’ve never been” I drop everything and make the run for them because it is a must.


Setting up shop at 932 N. Mills Ave, with Owner/Operator Edgardo Guzman as the brains behind the tako, The idea began as a collaboration between Guzman and Pom Pom’s Teahouse & Sandwicheria’s Owner/Operator Pom Moongauklang.

Building a friendship the two decided to combine their backgrounds, Guzman being from Costa Rica and Moongauklang being from Thailand, to create a concept that begins with an Asian and Latin fusion.

With a price point that is out of this world, Tako Cheena makes it happen by maintaining a food truck atmosphere within their establishment. To me this is a move that allows for them to focus not on the image of “who they are” but rather the quality and awesome-ness they serve up on the spot which in turn screams INCREDIBLE on it’s own.

Filling up quickly (especially during lunch hours) Tako Cheena is meant for a self service in and out eatery that still provides tables for the groups to sit, eat, and enjoy conversation. The staff here are friendly as can be and will gladly refill your soda’s when they notice they’re running low (Which when they’re not working for tips is a huge plus to me!)

If you listen to my recommendations often try the Chinese BBQ Char Siu Pork Belly Tako and email me your experience at admin@thinklivebe.com! Cheena!

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