Go Local Wednesday- Black Rooster Taqueria

MISSION: “Create a place where delicious food is swiftly served and enjoyed by people with a passion for art, sustainability and real ingredients. Farm to Table.”

This mission statement is that of husband and wife dynamic duo John and Juliana Calloway. Holding the title of Founders, Chef, Key artists, and Owners of Black Rooster Taqueria  John and Juliana were a perfect fit for the Mills50 District community and have been thriving ever since opening their doors in 2016.

black rooster.jpg

Located in the “it spot” of the Mills50 District, Black Rooster’s concept is one that is delicious, fresh, and beautiful. Their menu is consistent with authentic Mexican dishes and side items and their prices are out of this world (In a very good way) [[$8.50 for a salad loaded with power foods; Green Kale, Red Radish, Green Cabbage, Green Grapes, Candied Pecan, Carrots, Celery, Onion, Parsley, Lemon AND Queso Fresco, How can you not appreciate the servings quality and cost??]]

Juliana being a native to Orlando and John traveling the world to study and gain the best knowledge of product and flavor profiles are the ideal team to make this establishment sky rocket and stick around for many years to come.

Do me a favor and check this place out, Their hours and menu can be found here!

What local establishments do you frequent often?

photo creds: blackroostertaqueria.com

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