Go Local Wednesday- SE7EN BITES


“Sweet & Savory Bake Shop”

The slogan of one of Orlando’s  mouth watering breakfast spots. As seen on “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” Se7en Bites is a staple location and has recently been voted for the Gold Award for ‘Best Breakfast’ in Foodster’s first annual program that shines light on independent restaurants in the Orlando area.

Who are they

Se7en Bites is located in the heart of Orlando and uses their wistful memories of Southern comfort foods to specialize today’s menu with a chef’s twist for modern means. The belief that Breakfast, Brunch, and Lunch are the best 3 meals of the day really captivates what they have to offer in their menu (Menu) and they never let the inspiration of their love for baking dim; Providing us with fresh product bright and early every morning! Every!

Offering a special Brunch menu on Saturdays and Sundays the establishments is pretty versatile in what they have to serve covering menu options for our Vegetarian and Gluten-Free friends! Chef Trina is also a master at pastries and desserts, check out some of her hot hits here!


Where’d they come from

After 21 years of being in the Spa Industry Pastry Chef/ Owner Trina Gregory-Propst began her culinary career later in her years. A turn of events brought her to a shift of direction with her passion and used her love for sweets as a force to take her imagination to another level thus leading into the establishment of Se7en Bites.


I do love love love! their Chicken Pot Pie [[Which is only available Thursday- Sunday, one of the few sacrifices made to ensure we have fresh product to produce only the freshest dishes daily!!]] Of course I’m a sucker for anything sweet and filled with sugar but their Seasonal Bread Puddings keep me coming back year after year!


To ensure you get yourself a bite of one of those Chicken Pot Pies or one of those crowd favorite Vanilla Bean Bourbon Bacon Moonpies go EARLY! With the privilege of a fresh bite all of their menu items are made by count and when they’re out for the day they are out for the day! Stay in touch with what Chef Trina has to offer by following their Facebook page here!

If you’ve been before what are some of your musts?


Do you love where you live?   #heartorlandohome Image result for Red heart


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