Go Local Wednesday – Gideon’s Bakeshop

Still have that holiday sweet tooth? Well before we all ring in the New Year and vow to cut back on our sweets take a quick visit to the East End Market and step on into Gideon’s bake shop.Gideons

Gideon’s Bake shop is a locally owned establishment that has an incredible story to dig into. Serving GIANT 1/2 lb cookies and decadent slices of cakes the idea of Gideon’s Bake shop was derived from a recipe book dated 1898.

With the idea of the book being a family cookbook that can help boost the baking inspiration the book was actually a diary written by a young boy named Gideon with hopes, dreams, and obvious blueprints to open a successful bakeshop that’ll in turn help his family out of poverty. Fast forward 100+ years and Audubon Park is home to a little boys dreams.

We’ve been named Best Cookie in Florida – Best in United States – Best on Planet Earth!  True Story!

Things To Know About Your First Visit

  • Have a strict limit of 6 Cookies without PREORDER.  This allows us to get our cookies into more hands each day.
  • Usually sell out daily and your largest selection of offerings will be available earlier in the day.
  • Offer 6 Cookie flavors daily that are listed under the “AVAILABLE COOKIES” Section in our MENU.
  • Cake Slice selections are random each day.  We usually offer 2 to 3 cake flavors as slices daily.
  • Whole Cakes are not available without a 72 hour PREORDER notice.
  • We will post on our Social Media if we sell out before the final hour of the day.  Coming in the final hour is always risky.
  • Cookie Bites are currently only available on the weekends.
  • Gift Certificates are available for $25 and up!
  • accept cash, card, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay.

View more images on their website here!

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