Go Local Wednesday- Lineage Coffee Bar

23658679_1756881274346782_2268997124804849740_n.pngDid you see it’s snowing in Tallahassee, FL??

Thankfully in Orlando we missed the 32 degree weather but none the less at 44 degrees I still wore my 3 layers of clothing and kept my toes toasty next to my portable heater.

Running late to the office and missing my morning coffee run I decided to take a trip to the Mills50 area as soon as the sun broke through the grey clouds to get myself into the newest location of Lineage Coffee  and for a first timer I was not disappointed!

Debuting at the Audubon Park Farmer’s Market in 2013. Jarret and Justine spent years prior researching and traveling in order to add positive growth to their business and shortly opened their doors to the Lineage Coffee Bar at the East End Market in the fall of 2013.

With a huge following and consistent customer demand Lineage’s Coffee Bar began to create great relationships with out of country growers and outsourced   “prestige beans” bringing more opportunity to stand out from any competition.


Opening their 2nd location late in 2017 Lineage Coffee Bar is a definite hot spot! Keep up with new events, roasts, and special deals on their Facebook page. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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