Go Local Wednesday- Swirlery Wine Bar

Located in the South Downtown region of Orlando is Swirlery wine and tasting room. Finding its home in 2015 Owners and partners Melissa J. Mcavoy and Damian ‘collaborator’ Roman spent years traveling due to work and began a serious niche in wine expertise in 2013 when Melissa was inducted into the court of Master Sommerliers.


Opening Swirlery to share her “love affair of all things wine” Melissa wanted to create a place where inspiring wine enthusiasts can come to enjoy some decadent wine that’s hand chosen by Melissa and great conversation.

Having only the basic wine knowledge that I learned from working in a restaurant I didn’t have a problem enjoying my first visit to Swirlery. I stopped in to check the place out when I first moved into the house that with my benefit is only two streets away and I have been back at least once a month ever since. The Sommilers on staff are friendly, attentive, and had a substantial amount of knowledge; loving to share great insight at any opportunity given. My friend is a beer drinker and was definetly excited when he began to talk hops and barley with her.

swirlery bar

The establishment had a beautiful layout and unique artwork displayed, my favorite being the center piece behind the bar made from a great friend of Damian and Melissa. (More awesome local artwork here) They also have special events on particular nights including:

  • Blind Tasting Tuesdays
  • Movie night w/ Wine &Popcorn Wednesdays
  • Soom night Thursdays
  • Late night specials Friday and Saturday (Which change so often so stay in tune with their Facebook here)

It’s a great establishment that sits between the Lake Como and Conway neighborhoods. Check it out one of these nights and let me know how it goes! Admin@thinklivebe.com

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Photo Cred: Swirlery.com



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