Monday Market Report – Top 3 Reasons to List this Spring

3ReasonsToListinSpringEveryone says Summer is the best times to list your home.  I disagree!  For the last few years we have been experiencing a very hot seller’s market in the Orlando.  In that time, there really hasn’t been a bad time to be a seller.  But when it comes to seasons and historical sales, there is one time of year that always shows up as the “busiest”.   Many people will claim that summer is the best time to sell a home because there are many closings.  And it’s true, there are about 1.5 times more sales happening in the summer than in the winter months.  So...Why is Spring better than summer to list?

Top Reasons to List Now

  1. Buyers are getting into the market now so you will get your home in front of a large group looking to move over the next few months. Buyers typically move because of life events, marriage, kids finish school, or job relocation.  These tend to take place more in the summer months because families have time off from school and vacation time.  Buyers take on average 3.5 months from start to finish.  Someone closing in July is actually starting their search this month.
  2. Stand out from the crowd. Historically June has been the month for the most new listings put on the market in Orlando.  Beat the competition that will list in the summer because they believe the myth that summer is the best time to put a house on the market!
  3. The average interest rates have risen over .5% since November.  They are on the rise and this makes our market less affordable for buyers.  As buyers are priced out of the market, you will lose your leverage in negotiating the best price.

The sales that are happening in summer months are actually buyers who are searching in the Spring.  The average time from when a buyer starts searching to closing is 3.5 months.  To get exposure to these buyers closing in the summer you actually want to list in Spring!  

If you or someone you know would like to sell or make a move this summer, the best time to start talking about it with us is now.  I can help you determine if it makes sense to list now based on your personal situation.   Visit and contact us for a consultation right away and we’ll take it from there! 


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