Go Local Wednesday – Mai Bistro

5 stars on Google with 50 reviews; 4 and a half stars on Yelp; 4.7 stars on Facebook; and a well rounded website landing page for their business. I have got to check this place out!

Mai Bistro

Mai Bistro is the product of Vietnamese immigrants who are thankful for the personal and business success they have achieved in the USA. We want to celebrate our root and share our culture, as well as to learn about others’. We want a place where people can come and share their stories. Mai Bistro is about celebrating where we come from

and who we are.


Located on east Colonial Drive in the 32803 this Sandwich shop is a bit more than just another Asian cuisine on the strip of Orlando’s Asian shopping and cultural district. I stopped by for lunch last Thursday with a friend visiting from Western New York and was IMMEDIATELY greeted by 3 people. THREE! – When there were only 5 workers, 3 made it a point to ensure I entered with someone smiling at me AND the establishment had a decent amount of business going on during lunch hour.. so for starters that there was a green check for me.

For our order we decided to get two menu items and split them; allowing for both of us to try them out and fill ourselves up. I ordered the B6 which is the shredded chicken Banh Mi Sandwich and my friend ordered the B2 which is the Grilled Pork Banh Mi Sandwich.

Hands down….


I’m a little enthused here because I do love the Vietnamese cuisine and I have yet to be thoroughly impressed from start to finish with current Banh Mi shops but you can defiantly taste the quality.

For starters the baguettes used, these bad boys were made in shop (check), You can feel the crunch of the vegetables in every bite which means these veggies are as fresh as they can be and are stored very well (check), and these sauces.. on point and are not coming to shop in a container from a warehouse so HOMEMADE (check!!! check!! check!).

Customer Service, Quality, & Speed. The kind of sandwich shop you want right around the corner from your office. Lunches are the highlight of my day and this new lunch spot is a sweet one.

Speaking of sweet; their Lychee Milk Tea *Insert Heart Eye Emojis* I’ll let you be the judge of that. Let me know if you’ve had an awesome experience at Mai Bistros and email me at Admin@thinklivebe.com


Go Local Orlando!

Do you love where you live?   #heartorlandohome Image result for Red heart


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