Monday Market Report – April Showers Bring May Flowers
Have you ever heard the old adage “April Showers Bring May Flowers?”  It typically means a period of discomfort is followed by a period of joy.  As we experience a tight market this spring for home buyers shopping for a home in the Downtown Orlando area, perhaps May flowers are just around the corner.

We need a lot more listings to keep up with demand in Orlando, even just positive numbers are a step in a positive direction.  January saw an increase of 96 new listings and February saw an increase of 102!  A look back in historical records also shows that we typically do begin to see more listings hitting the market in April and then more in May and so on through the summer months.  Perhaps a glimmer of sunny days and flowers is on the horizon for all of the buyers out there.

Whether you are dealing with multiple offer situations on the home you want or you are a home seller and  no one will accept your contingency to sell your home, summer may bring more balance to this crazy market.  Thinking of making a move?  If the market is full or rain clouds or sunny days, we are here to help guide you through. 407-494-2820





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