Go Local Wednesday – The Soda Fountain

1012023_642388679117064_830742086_nLocated on Edgewater Dr in College Park is this outstanding locally owned establishment! Owned  by Orlando native Brad Cowherd the idea of opening the Soda Fountain was to bring an old-fashioned soda parlor to the Orlando community. When first opening in the summer of 2013 the local welcomed the ice cream parlor with open arms and business has been great according to shop manager Carlos Aguliera.

I stopped in Soda Fountain, one because I had a sweet tooth and two because I needed to find a great locally owned business to host an up coming social event. Providing space to rent and a full service ice-cream cart to bring to venues I said “This has to be it, Summer is hot and Ice Cream would be the perfect fit!”

Carlos was great, he made me a menu item that caught my eye the second I took look and had so much to share about their business. Being locally owned within a community that holds pride in their local business, he knows that creating a relationship or bond with regulars and any guest who come to visit will make the ice cream parlor much more meaningful and special to the locals.

After some great conversation and as I finished up my “Wake – Up Call” float I knew I needed to share this with you all!

If you’re in the area, stop by for a few minutes and let your sweet tooth take over. You won’t be disappointed. Follow them on Facebook for any events or specials coming up!

2525 Edgewater Dr
Orlando, Florida
Call (407) 540-1006


Go Local Orlando!

Do you love where you live?   #heartorlandohome Image result for Red heart


If there’s a locally owned establishment that I’ve yet to visit please email me or text me and I am more than excited to check it out!! Admin@thinklivebe.com (407) 494-2820


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