Go Local Wednesday – Cafe Linger

Located just off of Edgewater Dr in one of Orlando’s sought after neighborhoods, College Park, Cafe Linger opened their doors early 2018 and have been grateful to see the success the city beautiful has brought to their local business!

After having a small gathering for some bites and coffee I had the opportunity to meet with Christina and Michael to get a personal insight on this local business – It was great to hear the back story of how Cafe Linger came to be and I did it while enjoying a glass of coldbrew with some Chicken and Waffles (Seriously delicious!)


What inspired you to…

…Bring Cafe Linger to College Park?

Michael and I got together at the beginning of last year and started planning our concept. We went to Johnson & Wales University in North Miami, where we graduated 2015. We always came to Orlando to visit a mutual friend who lived in Lake Eola Heights. We always liked the Orlando vibe and the lovely individual neighborhoods. And the growing food scene of course. When we we finally started looking for locations, College Park was the third place we looked at and we fell in love with this neighborhood and the building.

…Come up with the name Cafe Linger?

Our society is moving so fast and everyone is always on the go with 100 different things on their minds. The main idea behind calling ourselves Café Linger was to remind people to take a break here and than. Enjoy your cup of coffee, repose and linger.

Have you always had an interest in Coffee/Espresso?

Coffee has always been a big part of our college lives. In Miami we would always meet at a coffee shop, and eventually we said we wanted to do something similar – Just a little better 😉 Michael is very passionate about food and I got into coffee a couple of years ago, so we joined forces.

What is your favorite part about being a local business owner?

The variety of individually owned businesses in Orlando is beautiful. Our favorite part of being local business owners is the support amongst each other. We had so much support from other business owners right from the start, that we felt so welcomed and home.


It is AWESOME to see local businesses thrive and it’s always a pleasure to have the opportunity to meet with incredible minds and be able to share them with our followers

Follow Cafe Linger on their Facebook page for specials and events they feature! Take a look at their menu and make this the next rest stop to

Enjoy your cup of coffee, repose and linger!

Go Local Orlando!

Do you love where you live?   #heartorlandohome Image result for Red heart


If there’s a locally owned establishment that I’ve yet to visit please email me or text me and I am more than excited to check it out!! Admin@thinklivebe.com (407) 494-2820


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