Monday Market Report – 1 Good Reason to Sell during the holidays

The holidays are always a tricky time of year to navigate.  You have gifts to buy, decorations to hang, dinners to plan, parties to attend, and so much more!  Selling your house at this time of year may seem like the worst idea you’ve ever heard.  Yet if you need to make a move, this is an opportune time. There is 1 reason that this time of year is better than any other.  Serious Buyers!   The perfect holiday gift. 

gift box

Imagine if you needed to buy a home at this time of year.  Buyers have just as many holiday plans and yet if they are in the market for a home at the end of the year, they are serious buyers.

Last year there were over 3,000 home sales in December.  In fact, December is historically a great month for home sales and this is because home buyers are still buying.  They are just serious home buyers.  The kind you most definitely want when you are being inconvenienced to show the house when you wish you were wrapping gifts!

So the question is do you prefer a handful of showings to serious buyers and a quick offer OR do you prefer more competition from other sellers who also waited to sell, more showings from buyers who “think they’ll start looking” as a new year’s resolution, and less chance for a quick offer?

Thinking of selling this holiday season?  Take a look at Give us a call 407-494-2820 or download our free selling guide today

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