Go Local Wednesday – Historic Homes Tour 2018

The Colonialtown neighborhood is a quaint neighborhood located just North-East of Downtown Orlando. Split into two neighborhoods separated by Colonial Dr. (HWY50) Colonialtown North and Colonialtown South have a mix of businesses inhabiting bungalows with a greater amount of the homes as residential living.

With a portion of Colonialtown South partly located in Orlando’s Historic District most of the neighborhood consists of bungalow homes from the 1920’s as well as some classic ranch homes built in the 1950s.

Both North and South are just blocks from a healthy dose of restaurants in the Mills50 Main Street district and the MillsPark Development.

Known for it’s diversity in dining and shopping the Mills50 business district has something for everyone and being able to walk or bike is a major bonus point for this neighborhood.  The voluntary neighborhood association is also at the forefront of its popularity by providing community support and events.

Great features make Colonialtown a desirable neighborhood to live in. If you’re free this Saturday come by and take a tour through the Historic District and explore colonitaltown with us!

Meet at the Colonialtown Neighborhood center (1517 Lake Highland Dr) at 1:30 for your tour map and program. Hope to see you there!

Details below: Purchse your tickets here!



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