Who Says There’s Nothing To Do In Orlando? – Science Night Live

Let’s be real – Halloween Horror Nights is fun, but those lines! And the crowds! It’s too much sometimes. What if instead of HHN this year, you checked out something different? Something super local that you don’t even have to put up with I-4 traffic to get there.

On October 5th from 8-11:30 p.m. The Orlando Science Center, right in Ivanhoe Village, is hosting Science Night Live Dead. This is an adults only event that the OSC puts on every so often (the last one was August 17th and the next one will be on January 18, 2020). The event allows you to visit and enjoy OSC exhibits without kids and with special programs just for adults.

The OSC  October 5th edition of Science Night Live will have a “spooky spin” for halloween. The exhibit going on will be Artificial Intelligence: Your Mind & the Machine. There will be guest speakers and interactive presentations to go along with the exhibit.

And if robot overlords don’t creep you out, there will be other activities like: the Wheel of Torture, murder mysteries and “a monstrous giant-screen film”.

Again, Halloween Horror Nights is great, but wouldn’t being inside away from nightmarish heat and dreadful crowds be a great change of pace this year? As if that wasn’t convincing enough for you, it only costs $16! (Or if you already have a membership to OSC, it’s free with your promo code.) 

The event is 21+ – so make sure to bring your ID, because there are bars and you’re gonna want to make sure you can grab a cocktail while you’re there. 

You can find more information about this and future Science Night Live events on the Orlando Science Center’s website. If you have any questions regarding ticket sales, call 407.514.2000. 

Orlando Science Center, 777 E Princeton St., Orlando, FL 32803

Images were found on OSC website and Facebook page.

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