Monday Market Report – 3 Trends Homebuyers Are Looking For

You’ve just listed your house on the market and you’re starting to wonder which updates you should be making to keep your house on trend and appealing to new buyers. But where do you start? Looking online can lead to an overflow of information and your brain becomes inundated with opinions from real estate blogs. (Yes, we see the irony of this coming from a real estate blog, but hear us out, okay??)

Inman, a real estate industry specific website, conducted a survey and found out what people are looking for when purchasing a home. These things can help you get the ball rolling on making your home more appealing to potential home buyers – without feeling like you’ve got a honey-do list a mile and a half long to get there. 

First up is people looking for smaller interiors. Now we know you can’t necessarily change the build of your home before selling it. But what buyers are looking for are a more simple kind of feel. So just by clearing out the space, can make your home feel more “simple”.

Once you’ve gotten all that squared away, go ahead and take a look at your outdoor space. Making sure this aspect of your house is tempting to buyers will really work out in your favor. Buyers are looking for a few things when they’re looking out the back door. They want a place to entertain, a place to for their kids (two and four-legged ones alike) to run around, and, honestly, just looking for a place to just be. No need to do a full HGTV re-do; but cut back the hedges, mow and water the lawn, those sorts of things.

Now comes the fun part. Smart technology and AI are all the rage for all aspects of life. And now people are looking for their home to be smart, just like their phones and cars. Investing in a small piece of technology, like an electronic doorbell, will go a long way when you’re looking to sell your home. You don’t have to make the whole house smart, but just one upgrade will make a world of difference.

Maybe you look into upgrading one of these things or maybe you do all three, but this list will help you focus on what industry professionals have found homebuyers are looking for. 

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