Monday Market Report – Looking Towards 2020



Yep, that’s right! 2020 is coming up quick! Today is the first day of fall and before you know it, we’ll be singing Auld Lang Syne and clinking champagne glasses. So let’s talk about what you can expect from the real estate market now, rather than being caught off guard later.

We’ve mentioned recently in a blog or two and on our What’s Trending page of, that there are rumors out and abound that a recession is coming.

But here’s the thing, right now the numbers we are seeing reported do not indicate that the recession is coming as quickly as some think it is. In fact we’ve seen and increase of number of contracts closed and the number of homes that have gone under contract – since this time last year. We did see a slight downward shift in the number of homes listed on the market, but it is nothing to fret over. 

In a recent article on Curbed, a real estate-focused website, listed the top 10 markets for 2020. Guess who’s on that list… You guessed it, Orlando. They state that “the cities on the list have benefitted from a combination of tech-driven growth and booming populations.” Along side us on Curbed’s list is: Austin, Raleigh/Durham, Nashville, Charlotte, Boston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Seattle. The thread that links these cities together is that they are costal towns or along the Sun Belt.  

By the looks of things, 2020 might not be quite as scary as some people are thinking it might be. There is a recession on the horizon, but certainly isn’t imminent. There is still time to sell your home for top dollar next year. 

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