Go Local – Stasio’s Italian Deli & Market

As most of you may know, our office is on Bumby between Colonial and 408. Which means there is A LOT of good spots with good food to choose from for lunch. We could do a whole series on this one mile stretch! Not to mention if we expanded the radius to a block on either side of Bumby. Seriously, there’s SO MUCH good food here.

But today I want to focus on the one I was most excited about when I first started working for ThinkLiveBe. So much so that when I saw it driving to work on my first day – I screamed with excitement because I forgot how close our office was to this place.

Do you want me to tell you what it is? I bet you’re dying to know. All this lead in and I haven’t even mentioned the name… (I know you read it in the title already, but 🤫)  

Stasio’s Italian Deli and Market! You guys…the subs are so good. And the coffee! Oh, and the sfogliatelle! It’s all so good!

You can find Stasio’s on the corner of Bumby and Robinson. It’s the white modern building with black accents with a small area for outdoor eating. The first thing you’ll notice is the black and white checkered marble floors and the marble bar, that lines the front window. It’s bright, open, and clean. And has a very chic sort of feel to the decor and aesthetic. 

The owners of this place really know what they’re doing. They’ve owned restaurants and Italian delis since the mid-1980s. Maria and her husband have now (including Stasio’s) owned five restaurants. Stasio’s is a family run and operated business. I spoke with Maria, one of the owners and she told me that she, her husband and her children are all part owners.

According to Maria, the family came to Orlando with the idea in mind that the City Beautiful was missing a place that offered  amazing Italian food. They wanted to open a restaurant that offered “homemade bread, cheeses, sausages, and amazing sandwiches.” They certainly deliver on that! Their doors opened in late July of 2018 and have been serving satisfied customers since.

What’s even better than that is that Stasio’s offers catering! So if you’re hosting a party that needs delicious Italian food (and let’s be real, what party doesn’t need delicious Italian food?) make sure to give them a call. 

Now you know I couldn’t just leave knowing the back story. I had to find out what all their favorites on the menu were. Maria told me that each of them have a signature sub on the menu: The Package – their housemate meatball sub, The D – their chicken sub, The Lou – their grilled chicken sub with bacon, and The Flag – their cypress sub (make sure you order it with prosciutto, she added). 

The only thing left to do is to go and order one of each for lunch. Who’s with me? 

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