Monday Market Report – Advice from Andrew Carnegie

Have you ever been curious about investing your money, but haven’t known where to begin? You wouldn’t be alone in that. There are so many options, it’s overwhelming. There’s the stock market. There’s bitcoin. There’s start ups. Then to top it all off, when you begin to research, you are bombarded with people explaining why their investment opportunity is the best.

What if the answer is just so simple that it’s hiding in plain sight?

The answer is real estate. Famous billionaire (yes, billion… with a B), Andrew Carnegie once said that 90% of millionaires increase their wealth by investing in real estate. Is it really that simple? And is it still true? I mean Andrew Carnegie died 100 years ago.

After reading an article from CNBC, I did some research on the topic to see if Carnegie’s statement still hold true in 2019. Turn out it does.There are so many avenues in which you could make money from real estate. For starters, purchasing a home and investing in it for a higher resale value. Putting money and effort into your first home and being smart about when you put it on the market will help increase the return on your investment. And that’s just the beginning of real estate investment.

There are other investment opportunities in real estate from rental properties to commercial real estate. And the benefits are endless . (We’ll dive deeper on that in an upcoming blog, for sure.)

If this was enough to peak your interest, give us a call or shoot us an email. We’d love to get you started in your real estate investment journey!

.gifs from Giphy and photo of Andrew Carnegie is from PBS.

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