Go Local – EO Inn

The EO Inn located on the northeast corner of Lake Eola. It’s right on the corner of Robinson and North Eola. I see those wheels turning… It’s a building you have seen before on your walks around the lake and downtown. You’re getting there, I can see it in your eyes…you might remember the Panera Bread that was once located in it. 

There it is!! Yeah, that building! Well – there’s always been a hotel above it. Well not always, but within the last few decades. But now the hotel is under new ownership and management and they are creating something pretty amazing inside. 

The historic building is cradled by beautiful, mature palm and oak trees and was built in the late 1930s and has been the home to a hospital, a hostel (called The Manor – that’ll be important later on in the blog) and varying hotels. Sometime after a fire, the building was completely renovated and restored in 1999.

The new owners and management took over back in August of this year and have made some serious upgrades – including, but certainly not limited to, murals on each floor’s sitting area which were painted by local artists Lemon Press. The sitting areas all have this mid-century modern feel with pops of today’s style. It’s a really cool vibe!

The hotel has 21 boutique rooms with queen and king sized beds and seven Orlando-themed suites: The Thornton, The Swan, The Robinson, The Manor (named after the hostel. See? I told you it’d be important later on.), The Magnolia, The Livingston , and The Eola. General Manager, Jennifer McCauley, told me that they plan to eventually decorate each suite to its name. 

The hotel is also the PERFECT location for anyone looking to host a micro wedding ceremony. The hotel is stylish and intimate – ideal for the couple looking to host a small celebration for their big day!

With what it already has to offer and the amount of promise and potential it has, The EO Inn is sure to be the premiere boutique hotel in Central Florida. 

Credits: .gif from GIPHY, exterior shot of hotel is from EO Inn’s website and the last three photos I took while exploring the EO Inn.

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