Go Local Wednesday – The Dinner Party Project

After taking a sabbatical in early 2014, Founder of The Dinner Party Project Dana Marie Roquemore, travelled to Australia and New Zealand for three months. After returning from her trip she found herself in a very weird & frustrating place in life. Her adventure was over and she didn’t exactly want to return to the job she had before. A friend asked her a few golden questions “what brings you life?” ” what brings you joy” “what are you doing that you should be doing?” After some thought she came up with the magical lightbulb that brought her to the creation of throwing dinner parties.

She LOVES the magic that happens around the dinner table, there is nothing like it. And she wanted to invite people to be apart of that magic and connect around the dinner table.

The Dinner Party Project is exactly what it sounds like with some extra sparkle. it started as an intimate project with close friends and families and has grown to a unique experience anyone can schedule a private event with from Birthdays to Corporate events to just because events, there is an experience for everyone.

This wouldn’t be a behind the currents Go Local if we didn’t hear about the nitty gritty of an Orlando Local following their dream – in the beginning Dana didn’t really see this project as a business plan or idea, she just went for it. Risk gives her no fear and she really didn’t know if anyone was going to show up but they did and with a few heel clicks she formalized a passion into a business. Since then she’s had many ups and downs, particularly around the “working with humans” factor. Enneagrams were something she defiantly had wish she knew more about prior to making the leap & through the struggle it was not always easy for her to understand how people who are built differently than herself were incredibly important to the success.

As she worked her way through the struggles she continued to stick with it. She fully believes in what the project offers and she is able to fulfill her passion around the dinner table while creating an atmosphere for others to grow into the areas of the business management side that she may not be so keen or familiar with.

There have been many favorite events Dana has hosted. One that stands out the most is the annual Single Moms Dinner Party. They usually partner with a restaurant and get to spoil these moms with dinner, drinks, and a gift bag filled with goodies. Moms are amazing, Dana (And alot of us) do not know how they do it and single moms are just on another level, so she loves to treat them to a nice dinner and connect them with more moms in the community!

Keep your eyes open for a new Dinner Series this summer. The Dinner Party Project is excited to gather women together throughout the year in their new Trusted Circle Dinners where eight to 10 ladies will meet quarterly, enjoy The Dinner Party Project experience, and connect in a trusted space to refresh, share, and build deeper relationships.

If you’d like to set up your own dinner party they would LOVE to serve any and all guests. If you want to throw a dinner the first step is to determine the occasion and why you want to gather – even if it is just because and to spend quality time together. The Dinner Party Project will then take it from there for you! Sign up for your dinner HERE

To sign off Dana shares her favorite quote by Oscar Wilde

Everything in Moderation, including moderation

Keep in the know by following their social media pages FACEBOOK|INSTAGRAM and go local Orlando ❤

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