Go Local Wednesday – Phat Ash Bakes

Owner Ashley D’Acunto Photo Courtesy Phat Ash Bakes Instagram

Recently awarded Mills 50’s Business of the Month, Phat Ash Bakes offers an array of delicious craft cookies. Last week we just had to go by to get our hands ( and taste buds) on these cookies! The bakery is located on Mills next to Grilled Cheezus but finding the entrance is the fun part! When you walk towards the back alleyway you’ll immediately notice the all black fence with a doorbell and a hysterical  IFYKYK (if you know you know) sign floating right above. When the doors open you’re greeted by the owner & baker extraordinaire Ashley D’Acunto.

Ashley has always had a love for baking and back in 2020 quarantine gave her the opportunity to really sit down and focus on turning this hobby into a business. With the help and encouragement of family and friends Ashley started selling her cookies through Instagram. Back then she would meet customers in a Target parking lot and hand them over a little brown bag full of the good stuff! She’s still handing over a little brown bag only now it’s in a back alley.  I love that she’s stayed true to her sketchy cookie dealing roots!

Now for the goods, I ordered the Banana Hammock, 24k, and some Chocolate Chip cookies. My favorite cookie from this order was hands down the Banana Hammock! It’s made out of banana and brownie dough, Nutter Butter, Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, and stuffed with marshmallow fluff. The flavors tied in so well and were not overpoweringly sweet. 

According to their Instagram, their weekly cookie drops include eight different flavors and are open to any fan suggestions as they love to experiment! Chocolate chip is the one flavor that is always on their menu for a couple of reasons: it’s a classic & they donate a dollar per cookie to a different charity at the end of every month. 

Phat Ash Bakes definitely got #thatgoodgood

Make sure to go by and pick up an order this Friday or Saturday to celebrate National Cookie Day (8/4)  even if it’s a day or two later….. It’s worth the wait!

Keep up with their social media channels WEBSITE| INSTAGRAM| FACEBOOK

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