Go Local: CrunCheese Korean Hot Dog

Make your way to CrunCheese in Waterford Lakes to get your hands on some Korean style corn dogs! I’ve only seen these on social media so I finally got the chance to try one and it did not disappoint. These aren’t your average corn dogs they offer some cheesy goodness on the inside and a variety of different breading. I had the mozzarella hot dog filling with the potato cube outside which I highly recommend.

We invent each flavor with an adventurous spirit and quality collaborations that celebrate the creativity and diversity in our communities. We strive to create delicious and unforgettable mouth moments – for grownups and not-so-grownups alike!


Cruncheese is a Las Vegas based chain that has been opening up locations all over the country! They opened their first Florida location here in Orlando back in July 2022.

Location: Waterford Lakes Plaza, 465 N Alafaya Trail Suite 465, Orlando, FL 32828

Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat 11am-9pm, Sun 11am-8pm

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