Today on our Tuesday Tour we are taking you on a tour of the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival!

We went to the 56th Annual Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival this past weekend!  It was quite warm but there was a beautiful breeze and when you caught some shade the temperature was just perfect.  There was a ton of amazing art, great food, and vendors.

The Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival is one of the nation’s oldest and largest outdoor art festivals.  This year over 1,100 artists from around the world applied for entry!  It has been named the best juried fine art fair by Art Fair Calendar (2013,2014).  It is ranked #1 best fine art and design show in the Southeast and #5 in the nation by Sunshine Artist Magazine (2014).  Two-hundred and twenty five artists were selected to exhibit their work the weekend.  This is just one of the many reasons Winter Park is such a desirable place to live!

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Today on our Tuesday Tour we are taking you to the lovely College Park Neighborhood.

College Park is a lovely, highly desirable historic neighborhood near Downtown Orlando whose name stems from the fact that many of the neighborhood streets are named after universities, such as Harvard and Yale.  Home styles vary from quaint well-kept bungalows to gorgeous lakefront mansions.  At the center of College Park is Edgewater Drive which is lined with local shops and eateries, and hosts many of the area’s most well known events, such as the annual College Park Jazzfest!

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1230MountVernonSoldAre you preparing to list your home this spring and move to another city or buy another home?   Maybe you want to move this summer while the kids are out of school.  If any of this sounds familiar, this article is for you!

Before planning a move you need to understand the time constraints to sell your home.  If you need to be in a new city or in a new home by a specific time, it will affect how we need to market your home.  Any delay in the home sale or lag in time on the market can really disrupt your plans.

As of our last market update from the Orlando Regional Realtor Association, the average days on the market in Orlando are about 82 days.  It has been creeping up for the last 5 months.  It takes on average about 10 days longer to sell a home this year than it did last year.

The market is shifting back into what we call a balanced market.  This occurs when there is a balance between buyers and sellers and we have about 5-7 months of inventory available for sale.  In some parts of town it could take you a little longer to get moving.

Real estate is a very local industry; so in your neighborhood the average days on the market could be 15 or even 120!

  • If homes sell more quickly in your neighborhood, you may need to wait to list until you have your next home selected and under contract before you list.  Timing a simultaneous move can be tricky – call us immediately if you need to buy and sell at the same time (407-494-2820).
  • Or if your average days on the market in your area are much longer than normal, then perhaps you need to plan to list sooner rather than later.

As always, the first step to any move is selecting a real estate professional.  We can help you understand the market in your neighborhood and time things properly for your move.   If it takes 60 days to get your home under contract, it may take another 30-45 to close.  So if you want to be moving this summer, you may actually want to get started preparing today!  Contact us to learn more or 407-494-2820

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Have you checked out our Tuesday Tours!  Get a glimpse of Downtown Orlando area neighborhoods from the comfort of your own home!  Check out our previous posts and stay tuned for more tours.

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Today on our Tuesday Tour we are taking you to the highly sought-after Lake Como Neighborhood.

The Lake Como neighborhood in Downtown Orlando is a charming tight knit community. With a beautiful mix of 1940s bungalows, mid-century ranch homes and newer Victorian inspired homes there is a style to appeal to every buyer.

Lake Como Park is at the neighborhood’s center and makes for the perfect location for all of Lake Como’s annual events and monthly meetings, which are held by the voluntary neighborhood association.  Because of it’s sense of community and close proximity to major roadways such as I-4 and 408 Lake Como is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Downtown Orlando. Homes sell fast here and it’s easy to see why!

I love Lake Como and the community that it has become, I’m so proud to be the top sales agent in this Downtown Orlando neighborhood!

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Lately a lot of people have been asking me “How is the market in Orlando?”.  I think the news of rising prices and overall positive real estate news in the national media has people wondering – are things better now?

Let’s take a look at the market now compared with the lowest point of the market crash.  Bear with me here, this isn’t super exciting sexy stuff, but it’s important to know where we have been to know where we are going in the real estate market!

The real estate boom is said to have taken place in 2005 and as you can see from the chart below the rising prices continued into 2006 and 2007.  The effects of the “hot” market drove the market behavior over the next few years.  When the market shifts, it takes a little time before things catch up with it.  From 2006-2008…within two years, the median sales prices in the Orlando real estate market had been cut in half!  By 2009 the market in Orlando had officially crashed and the absolute low was finally felt when the median sales price hit $94,900 in January of 2011.


What is important to note is the number of new listings that came on the market had a direct correlation to how the market performed.  I know, I know – supply and demand at work – it’s so simple and yet so many people missed the signs!  As word of the real estate market boom in Orlando spread, the prices rose in 2005-2006.  That led even more sellers to jump into the market to sell their homes for extraordinary prices!  By the end of 2006, there were almost 30,000 new listings on the market compared to the previous year!  That’s a lot of inventory.  So of course, with all of that new competition and no new demand the market tanked!  Over the next couple of years, the days on the market increased as all of these listings sat.


So what’s been driving up our prices in the last few years?  Well it is supply and demand of course!  If you take another look at the number of new listings in 2011 – 2012 you’ll notice that the number of homes for sale in Orlando and number of new listings hit a low.  That in turn caused a shortage in our market and drove the median price back up to where we are today.  New listings are on the rise, but we are still at a healthy level for now.

As you can see we are nowhere near the median home values that topped the market in 2006-2007, and the rising inventory will keep us in a nice happy balanced market for now.  Until it gets too high and can’t support the number of home-buyers in our area.  Where will we be in another year?   Check out my other post to see the top things to watch in 2015.

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Today on our Tuesday Tour we are taking you to the gorgeous Lawsona/Fern Creek Neighborhood.

Lawsona/Fern Creek is truly one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Downtown Orlando.  From the historic homes to the charming Washington St. bridge, you will not be disappointed.

The Lawsona/Fern Creek neighborhood is located between Thornton Park and the Milk District  so you will never run out of places to eat, drink or shop.  It is very well  known for one of the most beautiful parks in Downtown Orlando, Dickson-Azalea Park.  Located just beneath the historic Washington St. bridge, the park is shaded by sprawling oak trees, nature trails, and lined with azaleas in the Spring.  Across the street the park setting continues at Langford Park with more trails, playgrounds, and pavilions.  The Florida landscape is  picturesque in this neighborhood that is just blocks from Lake Eola and Downtown Orlando.   

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