Thursday’s Tip of the week- Why Use a Realtor?

The sale or purchase of a home is one of the largest transactions to be made through your life time. Sometimes we are either too scared to begin the process and continue on with our rental agreements or we don’t see the trust or benefit in allowing a third party to assist with this important decision.

I’m not creating this Tip of the Week to get you to work with a realtor today but rather to inform you for future knowledge how an agent can make this “scary” process something so simple.

Knowledge of the Market

To start an agent is someone that is well versed in today’s Market Conditions. That being they simply and effectively can explain today’s real estate headlines and break them down to a much clearer understanding of what to expect and what they mean to you.


With hours of studies in the beginning career of an agent you’d assume just as a Doctor receives his PHD that that is where the education ends. WRONG!, (hopefully for both professions) but for the case of a realtor, continuous education courses are not mandatory but essential for one to maintain credible within their profession. Realtors are well educated in and experienced with the entire sales process from loan processing to the closing table.


Negotiations are a difficult skill to just be born with. Which is why agent’s use their resources to build their knowledge on the how’s of negotiation and act as a buffer between your decisions and the parties involved. Working with a realtor allows for you to not stress how to respond to an offer or counter offer that you may not agree with and can better verbalize a response with market related facts to meet respectful grounds.


With the above attributes of a realtor  an agent can very much so guide you to the right price point whether you’re selling your home or purchasing a new home. The market shifts without the Facebook status post of “what’s  happening?” and it’s your agents job to know where it sits today in order to save you or get you the money you deserve.


Last but not least let us discuss the paperwork involved with the selling or purchasing of a new home. Delicate information requires huge regulation, Which is the responsibility of the realtor. There are many papers/files involved when getting started and documents such as disclosures, reports, and the required forms for sale or purchase will be required and needed for the entire process. Realtors thrive off of their organizational skill sets and the right realtor will be able to openly share how they plan to maintain communication and documentation.


When you come to the point or have friends/family that may be at this point don’t let the horror stories of other experiences steer you completely from the assistants of a licensed realtor. Testimonials are a great resource for your research on credible realtors within your area. Take a look at some of ours here!



I hope you gained some knowledge from today’s tip, help me out by submitting ideas for my next tip of the week at my email Cheers!

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Go Local Wednesday- Swirlery Wine Bar

Located in the South Downtown region of Orlando is Swirlery wine and tasting room. Finding its home in 2015 Owners and partners Melissa J. Mcavoy and Damian ‘collaborator’ Roman spent years traveling due to work and began a serious niche in wine expertise in 2013 when Melissa was inducted into the court of Master Sommerliers.


Opening Swirlery to share her “love affair of all things wine” Melissa wanted to create a place where inspiring wine enthusiasts can come to enjoy some decadent wine that’s hand choosen by Melissa and great conversation. 

Having only the basic wine knowledge that I learned from working in a restaurant I didn’t have a problem enjoying my first visit to Swirlery. I stopped in to check the place out when I first moved into the house that with my benefit is only two streets away and I have been back at least once a month ever since. The Sommilers on staff are friendly, attentive, and had a substantial amount of knowledge; loving to share great insight at any opportunity given. My friend is a beer drinker and was definetly excited when he began to talk hops and barley with her. 

swirlery bar

The establishment had a beautiful layout and unique artwork displayed, my favorite being the center piece behind the bar made from a great friend of Damian and Melissa. (More awesome local artwork here) They also have special events on particular nights including:

  • Blind Tasting Tuesdays
  • Movie night w/ Wine &Popcorn Wednesdays
  • Soom night Thursdays
  • Late night specials Friday and Saturday (Which change so often so stay in tune with their Facebook here)

It’s a great establishment that sits between the Lake Como and Conway neighborhoods. Check it out one of these nights and let me know how it goes!

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Who Says There’s Nothing to Do in Orlando?- 2017 Home and Garden Expo

Coming to the Orlando area next weekend is the…

8th annual fall 2017 Home and Garden Expo!

The event will again take place at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center (West Concourse) and runs all weekend long.


This year at the expo they have Celebrity guests, Ahmed Hassan from DIY Network’s “Yard Crashers”, the sneaky contractor detective Skip Bedell Co-Host of Spikes TV’s “Catch a Contractor”, and Boyce Thompson, a notable public speaker and author that uses his expertise to identifying products that can redefine life at home.

The show exhibits include show rooms for just about everything Home and Garden related including:

  • Designer show rooms
  • Lighting showcases (by Strauss Lighting)
  • Landscaper booths
  • Gardening Experts
  • A DIY workshop presented by Home Depot
  • New Product zones
  • Live birds of prey show (whaaaat!)
  • Kid’s zone that includes an interactive kid workshop,balloon animals, and a make up artist for the best painted faces!
  • and More!

It’s a great show to attend and will open your mind to awesome things that you can do yourself in your own home and gardens!

You can purchase your tickets today here or purchase them at the door.

Date and Times:

  • Friday August 25th 12 p.m. – 7 p.m.
  • Saturday August 25th 10 a.m. -7 p.m.
  • Sunday August 27th 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.


9800 International Drive, Orlando FL 32819

Admission Costs: 

  • Adults 17+ $9.00
  • Seniors 65+ $7.00
  • 16 and Under FREE
  • Military w/ ID $7.00


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Go Local Wednesday- Tako Cheena

With two locations in the Central Florida region, I love to take a walk from the big tree park in Park Lake Highland for a bite to eat in the Mills50 area.

My partner was the first to introduce me back in 2014 and every time I hear a friend comment “I’ve never been” I drop everything and make the run for them because it is a must.


Setting up shop at 932 N. Mills Ave, with Owner/Operator Edgardo Guzman as the brains behind the tako, The idea began as a collaboration between Guzman and Pom Pom’s Teahouse & Sandwicheria’s Owner/Operator Pom Moongauklang.

Building a friendship the two decided to combine their backgrounds, Guzman being from Costa Rica and Moongauklang being from Thailand, to create a concept that begins with an Asian and Latin fusion.

With a price point that is out of this world, Tako Cheena makes it happen by maintaining a food truck atmosphere within their establishment. To me this is a move that allows for them to focus not on the image of “who they are” but rather the quality and awesome-ness they serve up on the spot which in turn screams INCREDIBLE on it’s own.

Filling up quickly (especially during lunch hours) Tako Cheena is meant for a self service in and out eatery that still provides tables for the groups to sit, eat, and enjoy conversation. The staff here are friendly as can be and will gladly refill your soda’s when they notice they’re running low (Which when they’re not working for tips is a huge plus to me!)

If you listen to my recommendations often try the Chinese BBQ Char Siu Pork Belly Tako and email me your experience at! Cheena!

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Who Says There’s Nothing to Do in Orlando? -The Great Orlando Craft Beer Fest

This weekend is The Great Orlando Craft Beer Fest and Crawl: Endless Summer Edition.

beer crawl.png

This 21+ event is Saturday, August 12th from 3-7 p.m. in Downtown Orlando and consists of 15 of the nation’s top breweries.

  • (Ballast Point, Funky Buddha, Orange Blossom, Crooked Can, Saltwater, Sierra Nevada, Oskar Blues, Red Cypress, Sam Adams, Swamp Head, Unita, New Belgium, Coppertail, Cigar City, and Founders)

Taking over 15 of Downtown Orlando’s finest bars. Samples will be pouring rain or shine and tickets can be purchased here

For further details contact

Location: Sideshow Orlando 15 N Orange Ave. Orlando, Fl 32801

Date and Time: Saturday, August 12th 2017 3:00 p.m.- 7:00 pm.

Price: $15-$30



You’ve got to love all of the events that Downtown Orlando has to offer.  Just another reason to love where you live! 


Looking to buy or sell in the Downtown Orlando area, give us call or visit us on the web.  (407) 494-2820

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Go Local Wednesday- Juice Bar

Located in the Milk District of Downtown Orlando off of South St just between Bumby and primrose is a little place called The Juice Bar.


A local establishment founded by Susan Buttery in 2012, The Juice Bar is an all natural wellness bar that consists of fresh cold-pressed juices that are concocted to create a mixture of benefits for your health. 

I wouldn’t say this is a place just for those wanting a great cleanse; it’s also a place that has delicious fresh juices for those that enjoy local establishments that use the most of their produce. 

I recently made a visit to the Juice Bar out of interest of what they had to offer and immediately felt 10 x healthier (kidding) but really I was instantly greeted and welcomed into the bar by very knowledgeable employees and that alone made me feel even more interested to what juices they had.second.png

I went ahead and ordered Beetle Juice, one because I love the movie and two the combination of Carrots, Apples, Celery, Ginger, Mint, and Beets intrigued me. The drink was sweet and carried extra benefits for energy, detox, digestion and skin.

They also provide a cleansing program that offers day to day guidance on how to successfully cleanse your body. For those who may be sickish continuously without idea as to why, a cleanse may be beneficial to clear your body and allow for you to slowly target what foods are triggering the sickish feeling.

You may be surprised to see what it may be, I know I was! 

If you haven’t been before check it out and let me know what Juice is your favorite!


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Who Says There’s Nothing to do in Orlando? – Main Street Restaurant Week

Author EA Kayla: From now until August 12 select restaurants through out communities of Orlando are offering a select prix fixe menu that has price points of $5, $10, $20, and $30 (depending on if you’re attending at lunch or dinner time and the restaurants usual price point)


There are no passes or tickets that need to be purchased for this menu, you’ll simply be told via your host/server or you can easily request the prix fixe menu!

For a list of restaurants and what communities they’re featuring you can take a look at the events website here.

I’ll be at Hawkers Asian Street Fare in the Mills50 district for lunch at least 9 days out of the week! What local restaurants will you definitely be visiting?


#alocalthing #afoodiething

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