If you need me Saturday you can find me in Audubon Park Garden District.

I’ve always dreamt of having a garden to call my own.  Literally dreamt about it.  It goes something like this…Its Saturday morning, the sun is just starting to rise,  with coffee in hand I walk to my back door, slip on my gardening boots and hat, grab the hand woven basket that my mother made me and step out into the backyard to pick the ripest of fruits and veggies.  With a bountiful basket I head back inside where I spend the day preparing said bounty for the meals of the day.  That evening, surrounded by friends and family, we sit under the string lights of my patio, sharing stories and laughter with bellies full from what may have been the best meal I’ve ever prepared.   Sounds amazing doesn’t it?  Here is the reality… Late Saturday morning, with coffee in hand I walk to my back door, throw on my flip flops, put my hair up in a pony tail and grab the 10 year old plastic strainer that I got from the dollar store. I walk onto my patio to find that the fruits and veggies I planted the week before have all died.  I cry.  I head to the farmers market to buy all of my fruits and veggies, I spend the day prepping the night’s meal and spend the evening on the patio with friends and family laughing over my black thumb.  That is the reality.   And that my friend is why I’ll be attending East End Market’s 7 Secrets to a Successful Spring Garden this weekend.   For $15 (plus tax) I will sit and listen to the owner, and chief gardner, John Rife discuss what makes him such an amazing gardener.  You can do the same, even if you have the greenest of thumbs I am sure you will walk away with some new tips and tricks!

Where:  East End Market

When:  Saturday January 17th from 9am-11am

Tickets:  Here


Afterwards I’m heading on down to Dear Prudence Shop, because there is nothing better than a little retail therapy after a few hours of getting your knowledge on.  It is their 15 year anniversary and are celebrating with 15% off everything in the store and 50% off all sterling!

Where: Dear Prudence Shop

When: Saturday January 17th from 10am-6pm

Tickets: You don’t need one because its FREE and they’ll have FREE local edibles too!


Do you love where you live? 










This time of year seems to fly by, we wish it didn’t because it is the absolute best time of year!  Sweaters, hot chocolate, sweet treats, Christmas carols, I could go on and on and on…it’s the best. The absolute best. And can you believe there are only 12 days until Christmas.  Ahhhh!

Growing up my favorite memories are of decorating the house with my dad.  He put so much effort into it, people would drive by multiple times just to get a second look, some would even come back with their cameras and take pictures.  All because of a fake pair of Santa legs that my dad had rigged up into the attic window so it looked like Santa was crawling in, people loved it! And once our lights were up we’d spend the evenings driving around doing the same thing, hot cocoa in our mugs, in our pjs and slippers, blasting Christmas music.  Like I said, it is the best time of year!   I’ve carried on this tradition as an adult, maybe not the pj and slipper part but definitely the hot cocoa and Christmas music part!  This year I really wanted to spice things up a bit, I wanted to keep the tradition but do something a little different.  I decided upon the Annual Holiday Lights Ride!

This year marks the 7th Annual Holiday Lights Ride.  Hop on your bikes with your family, meet at Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux at 6:30pm and pedal around town taking in all of the holiday lights displays. It is about a 7 mile ride with multiple stops along the way, helmets, front and rear lights are required.  Bike decorations are not required but highly encouraged!  And if you can swing it please try to bring an unwrapped gift for a teenager for the toy drive benefiting Parramore Kidz Zone.

I have a feeling this is going to be the start of my new family tradition!

When – Saturday December 13th @ 6:30

Where – Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux Cafe

The holidays are right around the corner, for most that means spending time with family and friends, for some it means spending time shopping for the best deals. Believe me, we aren’t judging, because we too partake in some of the craziness that is Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and every other extra special super discount shopping day. But another thing we do is Shop Small, and you should too.

A few years ago American Express started the Shop Small campaign where it promoted shopping only at local businesses rather than big box stores on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The campaign has continued to grow and it is pretty amazing the impact that shopping local can have on your community. Check out this infographic:


Pretty awesome!  And it isn’t just about shopping local and spending your money, it’s about becoming a part of something. There are other ways to get involved, like organizing an event to help celebrate small businesses in your neighborhood.  Getting your friends and family together to spend the day out and about getting to know your local business owners. Continually posting on social media sites promising to Shop Small on November 29th because we all know if one of your friends is shopping local then the rest will too!

American Express has made it really simple for both the consumer and the business owner.  Consumers, follow this link, put in your address and it will give a list of all local businesses in your area that are promoting Shop Small.  Business owners, follow this link to promote your business.

There are so many great places scattered around Orlando to Shop Small.  We suggest Park Ave CDsDear Prudence  and East End Market in Audobon Park.  Cloak and Dapper in Ivanhoe Village.   Maybe Colonial Photo & Hobby or City Oasis in Mills50.  How about Paper Gallery & Gingersnap Station in College Park.  And Zou Zou Boutique in Thornton Park.  We haven’t even gotten started on places to eat yet! Just to name a few we love,   P is for Pie, brunch at The Hammered Lamb,  Hawkers, Benjamin French Bakery.  We could go on for days, but I think you get the point.  The places to Shop Small are endless, be part of the movement!

Tell us, where are you going to Shop Small?


We have no affiliation with American Express, we just really feel that the Shop Small movement is something everyone needs to be a part of!









They’re coming to get you, Orlando.

This year marks the 6th annual Zombietoberfest, the coolest Zombie festival around and right here in our own backyard on the streets of APGD.  Are you excited?  Are you frightened?  Are you going?!

We can all agree that zombies are a nuisance, right? So do your part to stop the outbreak by joining the Zombie Outbreak Cure Scavenger Hunt from 2 to 6pm, grab some friends, meet at Blue Bird Bake Shop at 2pm and go catch yourself some zombies!  If you prefer to befriend some zombies over stopping them then be sure to head on over to Warrior One Power Yoga where all Zombies can enjoy free yoga at 5pm.   Then at 6 the streets come alive, or dead, however you want to look at it.  Either way, bring your appetite because food trucks will be there serving…BRAINS!  Brains for dinner, brains for lunch, brains for breakfast, brains for brunch…nah, we’re just kidding!  There will be food trucks but they won’t be serving brains, just their specialties, which are probably much tastier then brains anyway.   Costume contests, live music, a zombie crawl, movies, kids activities, the list goes on!  One of the most fun, family friendly Halloween events that you will find!  So fun, in fact, that the Orlando Weekly declares it as one of their Top 100 Things to Do in Orlando Before You Die.  You can find all the gory details here, here and here (for merch and tickets, where required).

Saturday, October 4th

2-6pm:  Zombie Outbreak Scavenger Hunt

5pm: Yoga for Zombies

6-10pm:  Zombietoberfest on the streets begins!



Looking to live among the dead? Check out these homes in Audubon Park and contact us today!



Burgers, delicious. Gardens, beautiful.  Doesn’t spending the evening sampling burgers prepared by local restaurants, eating various foods from a fry bar, and drinking complimentary beer all while listening to live music and meandering through beautiful Leu Gardens sound like the best time?  Why yes, yes it does.  And that is why Johnny’s Fillin’ Station is presenting the 1st Annual Burger Bash at Leu Gardens this Saturday, Sept 13th from 6pm-9pm.  Bring your appetite and be sure to sample each burger because participants are competing for a $3,000 prize and a people’s choice award!

General Admission tickets are $40.  VIP tickets are $100, and get you in at 5pm as well as a few other perks, more info can be found  here.

Looking for homes in the Audubon Park area?  Follow this link or contact us today!

Yoga is all the rage lately and we found our new favorite studio located conveniently in Audubon Park. Warrior Power Yoga is a quaint studio with a very inviting atmosphere and excellent instructors. The studio offers 40 different classes per week and offers a range of styles including hot power yoga, non-heated flow, yin yoga, power core and sculpt with weights. In addition to the regular schedule Warrior Power Yoga also offers yoga teacher training as well as specialty classes – we also heard that this summer they will be having Stand Up Paddleboard classes – fun!

You can check out the Warrior Power Yoga schedule here. The studio is located at 2822 Corrine Drive, Orlando FL 32803. There is parking in front and back, and you can also park across the street at the clinic after 5pm.

*BONUS – you know what’s right next to Warrior Power Yoga? The super delicious cafe Bikes Beans and Bordeaux as well as Orlando’s favorite beer parlour, Red Light Red Light.

Winning submission by Randall Smith for the Dumpster Art Project

Winning submission by Randall Smith for the Dumpster Art Project

You won’t actually have to dive into a dumpster, but head over to Will’s Pub on May 25th (6pm) for some live music, burgers, hotdogs, and vegan dogs at the Dumpster Dive Fundraiser. Admission is $8 and goes towards the Public Art Project by Mills 50 and the City of Orlando. The project is the transformation of 15 dumpsters in the district which will be painted by local artists. Support the cause to make our city beautiful!  And don’t forget you don’t have to work on Monday – it’s Memorial Day.
PS – What are you doing this Sunday the 18th ? We have an open house at 745 Hempstead Ave from 2-4PM, more information here!



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