Go Local Wednesday – Maffrey’s

If you’ve been through Ivanhoe Village anytime recently you may have stumbled upon some pretty charming store fronts mixed in with some locally owned restaurants and bars. One of the charming store fronts is a local favorite, Maffrey’s. We are honored to share a little behind the scenes of the what and why in this weeks Go Local.

Owned and operated by Owners Jeff & Matthew, Maffrey’s came to fruition through the travel the two enjoy to do. Each time they traveled to new cities they would look for the gems that were usually out of the way, small boutiques, where local shopping was more prominent. They felt as though you would find some of the most unique items in the city and you’re also supporting local. With these finds they usually had a gift or item that they purchased that also came with a fun story to tell as well.

When making the decision to open Maffrey’s they wanted to be sure they curated the same style and feel of the shops they visited. If you haven’t been to Maffrey’s, you feel welcomed and filled with inspiration to give gifts that are great for so many occasions to so many people you know. What makes this local business so special is they focus mainly on USA made products in their shop. If it is not made in the USA it needs to have a socially good or eco-friendly story attached to it in order to qualify for these shelves. AND 85% of the gifts you can find in this shop come from woman-owned companies in the USA, locally made and minority owned. When shopping at Maffrey’s you can see that the products they carry won’t be ones you can find at many places and they come with a ‘good’ story to share.

The owners at Maffrey’s also LOVE Orlando and the community they support so having a nice selection of Florida themed products helps them stay connected with the City Beautiful.

With so much going on in Ivanhoe Village Maffrey’s recently particpated in two Easter egg hunts, one with MAM events and the other with the Hammered Lamb. They are always a wine stop for the Sip-into-Spring and Jingle Eve events and they’ve also schedule book signings events with Brendan Bunting O’Connor of Bungalower and Jon Busdeker who co-wrote “100 Things To Do In Orlando Before You Die” (coming on May 21st!) Maffrey’s will also be a trick or treat stop for this years June event – Summerween! They LOVE being involved with local events and LOVE seeing locals come out to enjoy some time on the streets of Ivahnoe Village!

We asked co-owner Jeff what his recommendation was for somone just visiting their business and his response was

Aside from sharing our story and connecting them to our products I would highly recommend
they visit other local things to do. I keep a mental list of things to tell people about the
shopping, dining, drinking and attractions in our neighboring bungalows. I remind people that
there are so many amazing things to do outside of the attractions area of the city. It’s always so nice to hear people say how lovely it is that we all support one another.

Their motto is “Community over Competition!” and we couldn’t agree more!!

“The Million Dollar View”

take a bike ride or a nice walk to this Go Local sweet spot and find a unique gift for your unique someone. Stay in the social loop with Maffrey’s on their FACEBOOK|INSTAGRAM pages and Go local Orlando ❤

Photos Courtesy of their Social media pages!

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