Go Local: National Pizza Week

Photo credit: Detroit City Wire

January 8th-14th is the most beloved week of all… it’s National Pizza Week! I’ve got the low down on some of the best pizza spots around the city according to locals (including some staff picks). Whether you enjoy Hawaiian or Meat Lovers, Chicago deep dish or NY style we can all agree that pizza is good no matter what shape or flavor it comes in. And for those wondering, “Does pineapple go on pizza? “Yes. Yes it does.

Pizza Bruno: A favorite amongst Orlando locals! The Micheline starred Pizza Bruno serves wood-fired neopolitan style pizza and garlic knots that you are sure to love!

1803 Pizza Kitchen: *Staff Pick* If you’ve been around the Audobon Park area then I’m sure you’ve driven past their pizza angel wings!! 1803 serves custom artisanal pizzas with made from scratch dough.

Sixty Vines: *Staff Pick* Located in Winter Park, Sixty Vines offers casual American dining but their wood fired pizzas and charcuterie boards are absolutely delicious!

Lazy Moon: If you’re ready to eat your body weight in pizza head over to Lazy Moon. They are known for their yummy oversized slices. Make sure to wear comfy eating pants!

Tomasinos: Located on Colonial, Tomasinos serves NY style pizzas and some delicious calzones.

Mangoni: Located in Winter Garden, Mangoni creates their our own sauce and dough in house with pure Italian olive oil, Italian premium brand flour, sea salt and yeast. They source their ingredients from local farms as well as importing other ingredients straight from Italy so you can get that fresh authentic taste.

Blaze Pizza: *Staff Pick* Although this is a chain I am a sucker for some Blaze Pizza. I like to call it the Chipotle of pizza chains because Blaze offers a build your own style menu for personal pizza’s. They offer a variety of toppings, bases, and crusts so that you can have your pizza your way. Make sure to order their cheesy bread and garlic knots too!

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